>be thankful we made this update, the curse of the thirteens is no longer with us
>or you, but that's a lesser priority
>did some really boring stuff no body cares about, and nobody would like if they knew what it was
> (thats why we did it)
>Did more stuff like that!
> (also why we did it)
>changed update log
>added much needed terms of service
> (none of our slaves were obeying us)
>we are very unclucky
>very. Including, you because you read this update
>added writing
>added weird quest!
>view at 46crazyweasels.com/writing then click read book
>sorry for no updates
>we weasels have been very, very busy
>added new poems! eap, and radish
>added to many ones
>toyed around with background
>made new logo
>Added new poems: radish, and pasta
>Version 0.1.1
>change to the update log coming soon!
> (hopefully, we don't know much about that yet)
>added haiku section! (46crazyweasels.com/poems/haikus)
>added pi section! (46crazyweasels.com/pi)
>Version 0.1.0!!!
>changed logo
>changed format back to normal!
>more coming soon!
>including background change!
>Some of it may be posted on this update!!!!!
>added mobile home page
>version 0.0.6
>changed homepage(a lot)>changed featured
>Do you like the new layout?
>version 0.0.5
>Added featured section
>and the featured poems
>Note: possible layout change coming up!!!!!!!!!
>changed home page a bit
>version 0.0.4
>added poems section!!
>added the thing that happened
>added pie
>added the odd bunny
>added the ninja
>Added disposable message
>tells people the version, and more
>Added more to the FAQ
>Added link to elephant and piggie essay
>Added 1 extra number for smaller updates
>Changed the version number of course ;)
>Another update!!!!
>Version 0.0.3
>made new logo
> added form to vote on which one you like better
>added normal FAQ to links
>Version 0.0.2
>Seperated FAQs
>Now there are two faqs;
>gaming FAQ(46crazyweasels.com/gamingfaq)
>added more questions to the normal faq 
> Fixed a few typos
>Don't worry, only a few...
>More coming soon!!!!!!!
>Version 0.0.1
>January 9th, 2018
>Added update log!
> old updates before this one are not going to be available
>old updates are not counted in the log
>More coming soon!!
>Added update log link