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the odd bunny

When I first saw him I could not think

I stood there unmoving not even a blink

The bunny was wearing a hat

And was swinging a baseball bat

The bat hit me on the head

You would think the bunny would apologize but instead

The bunny hopped away

And I hoped he would pay

Of course the very next day

The bunny came back and decided to stay

He gave me 500 dollars and tipped his hat to me

The money was enough for my room fee

That night I decided to go for a walk

But instead me and the bunny had a talk

Look here I said you are very odd

The bunny interrupted me by saying his name was todd

Two days later I saw him eating fish

He asked if he could have a dish

I told him most bunnies have carrots

He said he preferred parrots

The next day he said he was going to the north pole

And could he he have some of the rations I once stole

I asked for him not to go

He said he wouldn’t if I gave him a tomato

After that he didn’t come out

I wondered if he was in a pout

Three months later I saw he was back

He was standing on a wood stack

It turned out he had gone to the north pole

Though all he would talk about was a mole

At dinner that night he was wearing sunglasses

And a t-shirt that said I Love Ginger Molasses

He asked me to grab some pie

And used it to make red dye

Then he put some on his hair

He started to pretend he was a bear

The next week he was gone

Then he came back with his hair really long

And asked if I wanted to play pong

Then started singing a song

For a while he was so odd

That I forgot his name was todd

Then he got insulted

And he said that he would live guarded