Q: What is this?
A: Us crazy weasels blog about .io games
Q: Are there going to be any typoś?(like that)
A: Yes, best you don;t notice them, or count them. counting to triple digits hurts weasels.
Q: Is this a useful site, or a useless site?
A: the second one for sure.
Q: Friends?
A: What are friends? No crazy weasel could ever have any friends. Just don´t kill zzzzzzzzzz, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, deadpigeon, moomoomonk, dukeofdeip or tomatopie
Q: Do you have any code names?
A: Dirty socks, fffffffff, and I don´t want to say any more.
Q: Are you a crazy weasel?
A: No, we are a group of them
Q: I like this blog...
A: Thanks! Tell your friends about it