Q: What is this?
A: A awesome blog about a bunch of stuff
Q: Are there going to be any typoś?(like that)
A: Yes, best you don;t notice them, or count them. counting to triple digits hurts weasels.
Q: Is this a useful site, or a useless site?
A: the second one for sure.
Q: give me money, and I will give you nothing.
A: That isn't a question, but we will agree to the deal if you agree to do the same deal, you give us the money, and we give you the money.
Q: Is the meaning of life tomato pie?????????
A: Of course!!! You didn't know that?
Q: Are there any useless(well, more than normal) parts of this website?
A: You shouldn't even ask!!!! Of course there are. 
Q: How often are there going to be updates?
A: about every 23475696435698^657 seconds(no, we don;t understand what we said either, no need to feel bad) OK, that was just a random number, probably with a spelling mistake(or math) somewhere in it. The answer is, we just don't know. If you have mindreading, or futuretelling abilities, feel free to tell us.
Q:Is there any questions that are not useless in this FAQ?
A: No, just no. 
Q: Are you a crazy weasel?
A: No, we are a group of them
Q: I like this blog...
A: Thanks! Tell your friends about it