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Elephant and piggie-the best books ever written!!!!!!!!!!

However, some people don't believe that they are better than Shakespeare! In fact, you might be one of those people, even! hopefully you, dear reader are not, but one never knows! Anyway, to see how much better they are then all of the other books in the world combined, you need to understand how ingenious they are. They fit into every single genre! Think about it! They are unique in that way!! first, they fit into non-fiction, because they exist in the book.second, they are fantasy, because they just are, and the same goes for every other genre. It would take 37,480,254,370,925,204,398,570,243,570,298,345,709,345,790,349,800,000 years to decipher half of their entire meaning if everyone in the whole world worked on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is a VERY long time!!!!!!! Now, as many geniuses like me(us) have figured out, they hold the secret meaning of life.

So how do they hold the meaning of life you may ask? Because they were wrote before this solar system was invented. They were wrote in a a far away world named planet weasels. That planet has advanced technology. Find out more about planet weasel at 46crazyweasels.com/planetweasel. So, do to their very advanced technology, they were able to create a sealing thingy that would protect the paper inside it from everything. But, they didn't have gravity the way we do. So when one of there people dropped it...well, it just fell out into space. then it drifted towards what would be our solar system. Now, as you are probably wondering what the paper is, we(weasels) will tell you. it is the scientific formula for creating a solar system with life in it. So, one day a weasel(from planet weasel), and well it was 46 of them you understand) was(well, were) in a rocket ship trying to find out about stuff that is really scientific and all of that. Then, after they created this useless world they flew down to earth and hibernated until, one day, they woke up, and decided to start a blog. but now that you know all of that useless stuff, we can tell you what this is all about. The papers? Those were elephant and piggie books. So, as you might be able to see; elephant and piggie books created the world. And, they are really interesting and good.

So elephant and piggie books created the world. However that is not it. they also created life, and just about everything else, including microwaves, people, pie, pygmy shrews, weasels, just to name about 1/32432481732419781324613287942364816923684326879411328794163204123 of everything they made.